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Using my many years of experience as a successful businesswoman and mentor, I will inspire every audience to take action. I speak on leadership and entrepreneurship, business development, personal responsibility, and more. I share stories from my own personal life, career and inspire audiences with my relatable insights and applicable lessons to help people achieve their goals. Invite me as a guest speaker to your next social or business event and add an incredible touch of authenticity and credibility to it.

Learn how to manage the game of life and gain more in any field! This unique lecture has been tailored to help you achieve the very best of yourself and reveal your hidden potential. It will provide you with the opportunity to develop and excel in a competitive world. Rakefet will equip you with the best tools you need to improve your life – business and personal.

Lecture Outcomes:

– Increase self confidence

– Awareness of fears and barriers that limit your potential

– Set an optimal goals suitable for who you are

– Create a personal plan for the coming months and years

– Understand the choices you make and are they right to where you are today?

– Learn to take responsibility

Once we know our starting point, it will be much easier to set goals and be on our way: What is your current place? Are you happy with where you are in your life? If not – Why don’t you change it? And how can you do it? This lecture will provide you with the tools to realize your potential, and allow you to look inside and choose what and how it suits you to change in life. You will receive effective tools that can help you deal with situations that you might have not been able to cope with, and together with Rakefets’ shared knowledge, you will have the opportunity to find solutions that will advance you towards fulfilling every dream and overcoming every obstacle.

What are the most significant parts of your life? Are you satisfied with the time division between them? What would you like to do less? What would you like to spend more time on?

Our lives are divided into a number of subjects; home, work, family, friends, hobbies, health, security and others. Sometimes it is necessary to estimate how much time and effort you invest in each of the activities you are engaged with. By looking at the things you spend your time on, it will not only be more effective next week or next year, but you will also become familiar with yourself.

During this lecture, you will learn to know yourself better, understand the important things for you in life and will get tools to change what you are not satisfied with. The ability to change the circle of life is in your hands!

Who has the control over your life? The responsibility for happiness and success is in your hands! If you are not satisfied with some area of ​​your life, whether it’s your job or your relationship, tell yourself “I’m responsible” and start acting right away to change it. 

During this lecture, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your self image

  • Strengthen assertiveness

  • Improve the ability to make decisions

  • Reduce stress and increase mental strength

You will know how to manage your life, how to stop living on autopilot and be the one who decides!

Improve your communication’s skills for professional success: learn the principles for better leadership communication and maximize your Impact at work and in your personal life – using both verbal and non-verbal communication cues.

A first impression can open or close doors to us and is determined during the first seconds of meeting people. The first meeting is very significant because the person facing us will decide based on these parameters if we meet his expectations (for example, in a job interview, a romantic meeting, business meetings, etc.).

If we learn all the elements of the first impression, we can make good use of it!

During this lecture, you will learn the importance of your behavior toward your surroundings, what can determine your initial impressions, and how to create a positive first impression, which can benefit your purposes.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got’ – Henry Ford

Each of us wants to get better: earning more, working in a job that suits our skills, purchasing a larger house, spending more time with family, or just managing life more correctly and successfully.

But sometimes it seems to us that this progress, which we are striving for, is not really essential. After all, why should we make a journey to a distant and mysterious destination if at the moment our situation is reasonable and “everything is fine”? Most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone, in the familiar and well-known where we operate on “autopilot”, and are afraid of change and growth.

We all have habits that limit us, delay our development, make us dependent, and prevent us from developing our skills and abilities. We don’t realize the potential inherent in us to the maximum!

In this lecture you will understand what are some of the things and habits you have been relying on for a very long time, things and behaviors that are perhaps holding you back? You will discover new things about yourself, develop new and groundbreaking skills that you didn’t know existed, which will reward you to advance in your life – business or personal wise.

We have the ability to affect our subconscious and create changes in our behavior, emotional states and automatic responses!

This ability can help you:

Experience more happiness and peace in life, learn new things faster, deal with fears of certain social situations, overcome procrastination when we have unresolved questions on a particular topic, break down barriers and more.

How can you maximize your abilities, your inner strength and your way of life according to your designated number? Know to navigate yourself in your positive and negative times in life.

A personal point of view is made up of a multitude of factors that actually produce our worldview or “map” when we look at a particular situation.

In other words, while the reality we all experience is the same reality, everyone interprets it or can interpret it differently.

There are 3 basic perceptual positions that constitute our way of looking at the world, at a situation, at an idea. Perceptual positions is a form of modelling that allows us to step into somebody else’s shoes, and see what they see,  hear what they hear, and feel what they feel.

Perceptual positions help us get a much better impression of the client’s ‘reality’.

step back from your own mental map to get distance from emotionally charged representations. You can also use the process to create empathy and even learn new things by getting valuable insights into another person’s map of the world.

The mind-body connection is the link between a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and their physical health. Therefore, mental health is essential to personal well being, and is fundamental to our success.

The more one recognizes the connections between the body and the mind, the more he can learn to control his life – to acquire self-leadership for a better and healthier life!

In this lecture you will learn that by changing the negative beliefs inherent in us, we can avoid disease. Also, how proper reading of the body map will help and encourage change, development and healing and understand how to have a dialogue with anxieties (What is the worst that can happen?).

going. They have a definite goal and are determined to reach it. Good leaders should make sure that the people around them are as good as them or more.

In this lecture you will get the tools to understand who you want to be as a parent to your children, as a husband to your wife, as an employer for your employees, and as a friend.

Learn how to be the leader of your world! Because leadership is a way of life!

* Bring your business skills up to speed *

* Gain essentials to make your business excel *

* Hone the tools and capabilities required to evolve a business *

Rakefet’s business workshop is centered around specialized subjects and management basics for business owners. 

During this few hours you will cover all the key steps, from initial assessment and looking at your suitability to run a business, to building a support system, to identifying sales opportunities.


Sales are a profession, a worldview and a way of life. When salespersons are trained in their profession, they sell more at the right price. In addition, good results make them much more satisfied and happy in their own lives, improve their personal goals, which will ultimately lead to increased business profits.

This unique and important lecture provides additional value in the short term to both the salesperson and their managers, by improving the salesperson’s personal abilities, not only during the sale action itself. You will learn how to maximize your success and, of course, your cash flow!

Lecture goals:

· Understand your goals and missions

· Understand management difficulties and challenges

· Providing tools to motivate the team to reach the goals

· Training and providing practical sales tools

· Language training and closing deals

· Knowing the amount of money earned and have control over it

We all have the same amount of time per day – 24 hours, but the tasks and challenges of each of us are different. Because time can not be changed, it can not be managed. All we can do is manage ourselves effectively within that time frame.

In this lecture you will learn to increase your personal effectiveness, strengthen your self-leadership and achieve more in less time.