Welcome, I’m Rakefet

25 years of experience in business and coaching

How does one take the experience of a long-established businesswoman and apply it to the needs of smaller businesses? I am an expert in just that, with more than 25 years in coaching individuals combined with my personal experience in building a domestic and international marketing enterprise that sells products ranging from toys to beauty, hair products, and electronics.


I have turned many of my costumers’ small businesses into successful ventures, leading them to remarkable personal and business achievements. My experience with transformational consulting related to business, relationships, and lifestyle choices has also helped people define clearer goals and achieve them with accessible tools. 


One of my top accomplishments was turning my dreams into a reality by establishing Larger Than Life – L.A. Family, a charitable organization serving children with cancer in Israel, where we now raise over $1 Million a year since 2003 with the help of my husband. 


In 1968, I was born in Kibbutz Ginosar and was raised by my family that believed hard work and helping others is the essence of life. This belief is embedded in me and is why I have devoted my life to understanding the idea of turning dreams into action.


After serving two years in the army as a sergeant, I moved to the United States where my husband and I developed a thriving business while simultaneously building a family and raising three kids. 


In addition, I hold professional certificates that enables me to pass on my knowledge in a structured and clear way, including the International Coach Federation certification.


If you want help achieving your goals or growing your company’s revenue exponentially then contact my Consulting Group today.


My vision is that every person’s role in life is to learn and develop constantly. Every crisis, challenge or difficulty gives you an excellent opportunity to learn, discover creativity, grow, and expose new abilities and new ways of action.


I believe that no one has to do a drastic change of habits, but rather slight changes, channeling of abilities, which will lead to the desired change and achieving goals in life.


I believe that you are the expert in the field called “your life.” As a coach, I will help you connect to your answers, and build from your inner strengths and abilities. You have initiative, you are creative, and are able to achieve the results you seek.


My role is to guide you to act through inquiry, self-discovery, and responsibility, to achieve results in the areas of your life that you have chosen, and to feel fulfillment and satisfaction.


In practice, I will look at your life’s circumstances from new perspectives, identify paradigms and perceptions through which you see reality, and create new contexts that will give you the power and courage to act and produce results.

Goals Statement

I made it my mission to guide businesses and individuals alike to success. To do this, I provide businesses with coaching tailored for their needs, while never forgetting the importance of the individual. With beneficial methods that are diverse in range, my goal is to meet all your needs under one roof. The perfect place for you and your business!